Tuesday, 22 February 2011

Decision time.....Giant Flowers

The 12 petal flower is a
Japanese flower from a Book with a copy right on it
but is available all over the internet.

Noo noo needs a blanket for the bed and l did promise months ago to make one so my first bed cover is going to be for our beloved camper Noo noo...
this is the flower l am going to use, but still working on the colour choice

 simple solid center

I used a join as you go FOR JOINING THEM TOGETHER
I also used TWO DIFFERENT Round 2's for the Noo Noo blanket

Using an 6mm hook and two strands sometimes blended DK acrylic 
 8" diameter and l need to make it 40" wide x 54" long....perfect to go over the seat when not up as a bed
Making 5 x 7 flower = 32 complete flowers.....a nice size to do
and l'm keeping the wavy edge
This is the camper so do l stay with the green and cream and a splash of orange or go for the rainbow of colour in the flags?...
All l need to do now is a sample in the right colours!
l'll be back

next round will be in the greens
loving it so far and Phil was pleased l was making NooNoo a blanket at last too!
off to eat dinner and then start the green round


  1. I love the rainbow effect and that's what I'm hoping to do. Since this will be my first crochet items of size (same size you mentioned), I do have a few questions.

    How much yarn will I need? Suggestions on number of colors? Sized yarn/hook?

    Didn't mean to overload with the questions, I've not had to select colors before, typically, the things I knit/crochet are only 1-2 colors. This is overloading me just a tiny bit! :)

    Excited to get started!!!

  2. Yarn...depends on what you make and how big?
    colours l'll do a post on design and colour soon but where is it going colour scheme of the room etc?
    size of hook depends on how big you want the flowers and what yarn you buy
    Need your e-mail address to authorize you to the site..needed to be able to post your progress
    PM me with it and l will add you asap

  3. This looks fun. Hope I linked in correctly from your email. Now, off to the sunroom to check out my yarn supplies. Can't wait to give this a whirl. Will keep you posted.

  4. Very, very nice!!! I'm sure the finished piece will be stunishing!

  5. Lovely Suz. Very bright and cheery.

  6. Lovely flowers and I think the punchy colours are fabulous and will look great with your green camper.

    I am torn with what flower to do. I was just going to do the standard Japanese one BUT I love your newest design with the slightly more solid middle but still a bit of holes.. if that makes sense.. the last one you put up anyway.. I did a couple of samples of the Japanese ones last night so looks like I will be trying yours out tonight ! Either way I'm going to be doing a scrappy colour one using up some of my stash and I like the idea of using two strands as I can mix and get more colours.

  7. Thanks all...total addiction to flower l'm afraid lol
    Do a post Esther let us see how your samples have gone...share share share lol
    Hugs x

  8. Noo Noo is so cute! You already know what I think of your amazing flowers :)

  9. Love, love the blanket! How sweet this will look in NooNoo!
    But! How do I "join as I go"? I can't for the life of me figure this out...if you end on an outside, how do you start another motif at the outside and work in? Arrrgggh!

  10. Thanks Suz for the invitation...I love you're flowers so much ....

    Greetings Marjo

  11. I have been wanting to go beyond square granny.........squares for a long time!

  12. Your work is very nice, patterns pretty and colors so happy! I am so glad to have found your blog. ~Kelly

    unDeniably Domestic

    The Heart in Hand Project

  13. Que flor mas preciosa!! y los colores maravillosos, muchas gracias por compartir el tutorial!

  14. I love your flowers however wondering how difficult they are to make? last year i taught myself to crochet and make basic granny squares... Would love to try your flowers

  15. I'm late to the party but this flower is just beautiful! I can't wait to make some.

    Belinda xo

  16. Obrigada por ensinar a fazer esta flor linda.
    Lindo seu blog.
    Um abraço.

  17. Olá!
    Muito bom...obrigada.

  18. I LOVE your colors! I am addicted to crochet... but mostly it's whirling in my mind!!! Thank you for sharing!!! :) ~ Tess

  19. Nice colours and pattern, thank you for sharing :-)

  20. Ooo, I've been wanting to do a kitchen curtain for ages. I was just waiting to find the perfect flower and here it is!!!!! Love your work!!!

  21. I've been wanting to do a kitchen curtain for ages and was waiting for the perfect flower patter...and here it is!!!! Love your work!!

  22. Where can I find the whole flower pattern? thanks, I love it! Julie

    1. My version of it will be for sale at the end of May
      Sue x

  23. Just found the perfect flower pattern in your noonoo blanket. Cant wait for the pattern x

    1. End of June all my patterns will be in PDF files or on a subscription pattern site.
      I wil add links when they are all ready for sale, but everyone else's patterns on The Flower Bed will continue to be in their hands, some free, some not.
      Hope that helps
      Sue x

  24. Replies
    1. Hi. Thanks been a very popular pattern
      Sue x

  25. Saw this on Pinterest...your blanket is so lovely! Did you ever work it up as a pattern for sale? I'ld love to buy a copy! Thanks, Kate


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