Sunday, 3 April 2011

One more flowerbed

''Mummmmmmmmmm,please,I want to have the hat and flowers on it,and I want them big,and the hat should be violet,and the leaves green,and some more little flowers.....Mum,I'd like it to be the same as we saw somewhere on internet, please".Okay,I had to make 2  very same flower hats this weekend-one ordered by my friend and the second one ordered by my daughter,both are going to be worn tomorrow by the 2 6-year beauties.
 I think I'll post the instructions for the hat and the rose on my blog later.


  1. Lovely little lady in her lovely little hat, looks like an Easter bonnet :)

  2. What a it

  3. Wow, this looks so cute!! well done!!

  4. Love this! Did you ever post about this pattern???

  5. Dear Marjo,
    I loved this hat and would like to make the same one for my little girl. Did you post a pattern for it anywhere?
    Would you be so kind to share it. I will really appreciate it.
    Thank you.


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