Monday, 28 February 2011

Decisions, decisions......

I am having the hardest time trying to decide which flower pattern to use!! There have been so many beautiful crocheted flowers posted in this CAL.
Here are some patterns I have played with.
Earlier today I narrowed it down to these two.
But I keep going back to these simple little flowers that are attached together on the petal tips.  I think a blanket of these tiny flowers in various colors would be bright and happy!
Perhaps I will sleep on it and see how I feel tomorrow.
Any thoughts from you would be greatly appreciated!

Holiday Blanket..well l cant go away without some hooky stuff can l?

Inspiration from Chris and her cream flower blanket....thanks Chris it's going to make a 
perfect holiday project 
for the early morning hooky time that l know l'll have when everyone is still asleep lol
12 Colours for the centers 
made a lot more yesterday but decided on these 12 colours...and l'm going to make about 3 maybe 4 of each colour before l go on my hols and then just take the cream yarn to do the petals and join as l go
did a bit of planning so l know what l'm doing with the colours too...

but then decided l wanted to do straight rows not rounds of colour so 
12 in a row alternated with 11 in a row and l can do as many as l want to make the width of the blanket
If l get bored with it, it might be a scarf hehehe or a single bed blanket or l might just reach 127 flowers and have a king size 
Now that would be a biggy!

have a great week, wishing you all a bit of 

OVERNIGHT UPDATE...decided it was too much to take on holiday so this will be another WIP flower blanket chose another crochet project for my holiday...a lacy dress!

crochet flowers

I love seeing all the beautiful flowers and I'm so excited that I get to post mine on here too. As soon as I came across this blog I wanted to join in the fun...
I'm only going to use these 4 colors- gray, white, pink and turquoise.

My flowers measure from 4-5" diameter. They are smaller because I eliminated one of the rounds and I am also using a b hook.

I love how you can follow the same pattern but depending on when you change the color of yarn will alter the look of the flower, these are so addicting.

Isn't it such great eye candy? If these were eatable I would be in ALOT of trouble!
I never get sick of looking at all these flowers so keep on posting! 

Sunday, 27 February 2011

Hello All!

Is this not the prettiest blog ever? Where else would you find lots of yummy pics of crochet flowers? Eye candy that will keep you going for hours :) Ok, so first post from me and, honestly, I'm a little embarrassed to show my crochet flower for precisely that reason..... there's only one of them. Ahem. In my defence, I only started crochet about 5 weeks ago but I am completely addicted and mourning the lost years when I could have had a ball of wool stuffed under my arm at all times. Ah well, we all have to learn somewhere and, up until about two weeks ago, everything I had attempted looked like something the cat had coughed up so I'm getting there!

Here she is (oooh, ahhh, so pretty!) My one, solitary flower. Don't worry. She won't be lonely for long :)

I used this tutorial here by Elizabeth Cat (who claims she is not very good at giving tutorials. I know, right?!) and, overall, I'm pretty chuffed with my first little effort.

Speak soon!
Tids xx

PS. I also blog here for anyone that wants to take a look.

Slowly but Surely

I'm getting there.

I've added some turquoise to the flowers and have now completed 30 flowers since I've done a few more than when I took the photograph this morning.  I still have no idea how many I  need to cover the bed but I think I will be at this for a few weeks yet.

I haven't been following the join as you method because I'm worried that I'd change my mind about the flower placement and not be able to move them easily.

I can't wait to finish this blanket and see it on the bed.

Lastly, I'm so inspired by everyone's pictures here so far, there is some amazing work on show!

My 3th blanket has finished.....

Finally.. my third blanket has finished...the Gambia blanket ...because I made a lot of granny's on holiday in the Gambia...

Greetings from Belgium


Some tryings

First off English is not so well,but I'm doing my best...yesterday en today I made some tryings...for me it's very difficult to read the english I try to do it by the photo's I see
on english now I will show you the tryings...
Greetings from Belgium....


Coming Along Nicely Thank You

I took a couple of photos yesterday morning.

This one was the best one.
I had finished one row and was well on the way with the second.
What I love about this blanket/bed cover is that I haven't bought any new yarn for it.
I love buying new yarn of course, but I had all these bits and bobs of coloured yarn left over from a rainbow blanket I made last year.
And like I said in an earlier post the cream and beige colour yarns came from a blanket I made that I never really liked, so I'm taking it apart.

And this photo is fresh from the press!! Taken just a couple of minutes ago.
Two rows finished and working on the third.
I'm so pleased with it, and I'm having fun too!!!
Have a great Sunday!!
Chris Xx

P.S I'm loving seeing all of your photos and reading all of your posts, there is great work being done here and loads of inspiration being shared, thank you ALL Xx

Eventually getting started.... last managed to get started late friday evening. Was trying to think what colours to use, had a few ideas but when I went to pick some yarn up my mind was made up by the colours available so I'm going for pinks, browns and creams. Here's my progress so far, only three done but hoping to get some more done today......

Few more pics on my blog.
Donna xx


Hi there! My name is Jules and I have a blog called Little Woollie, I live in Victoria, Australia andI have just joined this CAL and can't wait to start on my flowers. It seems I'm a bit behind most of you lovely ladies, I don't have anything to show at the moment, but I hope to have things under way later in the week and will be back with some piccys I hope!
Everyone is doing such great work, beautiful colorful stuff, I love it all!
I just thought I'd introduce myself and say how I am looking forward to creating some flowery magic!
Have a great day!
Jules :)


I need help l think!...talking in my sleep l'm told!!!!.....and it was all about flowers lol
and he says....l'm never!
Have to admit l can't stop...and one of those little white tables is supposed to be his
Been playing with some variations and side by side joining...
plus isn't it a great way to use up all the odd scraps of yarn ...
Welcome to all the new members

have fun and we look forward to all the fabulous blankets we are all going to finish in 2011
some fabulous blankets well under way on here already
love them all

Saturday, 26 February 2011

I'm new in your CAL

Hello everyone,

I'm new to your CAL and i am very happy to be here. Excuse me, but my English is not so perfect but I think, you can understand me, lol ...  

After different experiments now I crochet this variant and i love it.

My colors remind me of the spring and it gives me a lot of fun ... I love this Colours...
What I have seen from all of you here is really beautiful, really great!

I wish you all a wonderful weekend and send many greetings,

Friday, 25 February 2011

An Update

These photos are ones I took on Thursday.
The light wasn't really that good to take photos today.
I'll take some new ones tomorrow.
But I have finished one row of the blanket and nearly finished the second row.
That joining as you go really is quick!!!!
Now, I had loads of time to work on my blanket on Thursday and today because I was at work.
Now this might sound strange being at work and having time to crochet, so let me explain.
I am a childminder who looks after the children in their own home.
Well, it is half term hoilday here and the kids had stuff to do on Thursday so I could crochet.
And today we watched a film together and I could crochet while watching.
So it was great.
Tomorrow I will have to get on with stuff in the home but in between I will be making a flower or two (or more).

Happy to be here with you :)

Just happy to be here with you and crochet along flowersSourire!

Here is the begin of my cover :

Bed Flower - montage

I work with some blue – green Merino super wash 100% wool (120 m / 50 g) from Lang Yarns and with a 4.5 mm hook. The flowers are joined as I work the last round, with a slip stitch after the 4th dc.

Bed Flower (6)

Not sure on how I will continue, maybe choose each color as I go.

Have a nice week-end !

Happy crocheting

The first 15

Thank you for the invite!
 This is my first CAL. It's quite cool to think we're all making pretty flowers at the same time!!
Here are my first 15 flowers. I plan on making it big enough to cover a very ugly futon.
Each flower measures about 2 inches, so it's going to take ages. I'll be posting the pattern on my blog, at some point today.


Big Big Thankyou for the invite to join the Flower Bed . Now I will have to begin a WIP no 6 lol.
I have been crocheting for about a year now, so I guess I could be classed as a novice. My work at the moment has consisted of mainly toys as I am a lover of Amigurami. I have a few squares crocheted which I intend to make into a cushion, but they are not as good as all these.
I love looking at other peoples work and getting ideas, so I hope one day soon I will be as good as you all.
Once again thankyou and now I am off to get some wool and print off the pattern for your beautifull squares.
Speak to you all soon

A Bouquet For My Mother

I am not planning to make a Japanese flower style blanket which seems to be the popular choice at the moment. My plans are instead to make floral squares based on Beata Basik's pattern which can be found on her blog Rose Hip. I am also planning to join them in the fashion of Solveig at Sols(tr)ikke. So far I have made a number of centre circles and as you can see from the above photo I have a number of different stages complete. This is a first for me. I have not yet made anything from motifs. But this looks to be a lot of fun. I was originally just going to choose to mix and match all the colours at random, with the exception of the white edging, but I have since decided to stick with the yellow centres and the green and white background. It will mean a trip back to the shops for more green and white, and probably yellow too. However I also need to get some lilacs and purples.

This is the yarn I bought last week. I didn't realise until I got home that I was missing purples and maybe a red.

Some more photos of my little efforts...

Sweet Seahorse (Helen)

l'm stuck!!!

Decided it need one complete round more then a couple of half rounds to make it longer rather than hexagon shaped but...
l can't decide on the next colour combo!...yellows and oranges a possibility...and l have a lot of yellow 3 shades and the very bright orange but need a softer burnt orange and a gold for the darker shades before l can carry on with the camper blanket

So back to the1st small Japanese Flower baby blanket and layering flowers that l started 1st

Still not really decided on colours for this either!

Been asked about join as you go so l'll do a tutorial for the actual 12 petal  flower
but for now try this link.......
Hope it helps explain the simple (once you know how lol) method of joining as you go

Half made NooNoo blanket looks even brighter out side in the camper hehe!


Thursday, 24 February 2011

So Far So Good!!!

So, so far so good.

This is it so far.
And guess what I'm joining as I go!!!
Yesterday evening I decided to sew (yes sew) the four flowers I had made together and it took to long for my liking.
And I just had to connect two petals of each flower because I was working in a straight row to start with.
Then this morning I thought may be, just may be I could join as I go, and it worked!!!
I just did the first four stitches of the petal and then joined it with a slip stitch between the fouth and fifth stitch of the other petal and then did the other four stitches.
And it works.
I'm so pleased because on the second row there are six petals that have to be connected and it still works.
Much better I think, better than sewing and then getting rid of the ends.
So I am pleased with how it is going.
And I am really enjoying seeing all of your great project, loads of inspiration coming my way.
Have a great evening!!
Chris Xx