Friday, 27 April 2012

Volunteers who have never posted for new members wanting to join

Sorry I have been absent for a while, and the waiting list is growing by the week
I am looking once more for volunteers, people who have NOT posted on the Flower Bed and feel they can give up their place to a new member who wants to post their flower ideas
Thanks if you can help, other wise I will definitely have to delete a few who have not posted
Thanks again Sue 


  1. You can give someone waiting my place...I have not posted...I'm happy to just follow...
    Thanks Christine

  2. Hello! You can add me to the remove list too. I quite happy to follow!

  3. Hi, I have posted, but I don't have time to post anything at the moment. So, I'm happy to give my place up.

  4. Thanks to all volunteers...a couple of new invites gone out
    Sue x

  5. Last 4 avalible invites have gone out today, you will need to accept the invite and then you will be able to post
    Still a few on the waiting list, I will invite asap as places become available
    thanks again to the volunteers that freed up a few places
    SUE X


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