Sunday, 20 May 2012

Take a Look at This

I found a really amazing free pattern of a circle in a square online a while ago.
Well, while I love it as a square I decided to try and make it into a flower.
And this is what I came up with.

I did this plain one first.

Then I did this three colour one.
I also had a go at a hexagon

I'm pleased with them all.
Who knows maybe some day I'll make a blanket out of these.

Chris Xx


  1. Très jolies ces petites fleurs !
    Bonne semaine.

  2. Nice, nice!!! I love crochet flowers. Yes, blanket will come out of it for sure! I also make hexagons, granny ones:)

  3. These are beautiful! I am making granny squares right now for a yarnbombing next weekend our knitting circle is doing - The Barber of Seville opera is on and we're going to blitz the lampposts in town with red and white knitting and crochet barber-pole style! So should be fun. Btw I did just follow this blog and it seems I can post, so maybe that invite is only needed for non-Blogger members! Just to let you know that. Please visit/follow my blog, bits of knitting on it but it's quite general! I follow Mereknits too, lovely things on it! I'm on Ravelry as LismoreLady. Take care, Catherine

  4. Hi Catherine can't find any record of you as a posting member (contributor)?
    Any one can add comments if that is what you think of as posting?
    Unless you have been added as a contributing member you can't do a post about a flower you may have made...sorry
    Been full for a while I am afraid
    Sue x


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