Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Flower Potholder

Finally another blogpost from me!
It's about time to show you one of my favourite crochet
of the last 2 weeks
The Flower Potholders!
I made it with 100% cotton 
You can find more at my blog Lindevrouwsweb
I have found also 2 links, where you can find the pattern
I find also a very nice idea
to make turkey coasters from this figure
If you love them too,
than you can find this pattern here

Have a nice week
And a lot of fun with crochet
love Lindevrouw


  1. These look amazing. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Dear friend, I know for their work and I was charmed by so much beautiful, you're beautiful congratulations blog, I am in love with Brazilian crafts especially crocheting, do knitting, painting, sewing different from clothing and homeware, today I am part his followers and make a call to my corner also know I will be very happy to receive it on my blog hugs and have a great Monday.


  3. I haven't crocheted in years but these flower potholders have just captured my heart. Wonder if I can unearth my needles.


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