Friday, 1 March 2013

Crochet Flowers on my Crochet Bag

About two years ago i made
these Crochet Flowers on my Crochet Bag
I also made then this lovely crochet bag
 I saw this bag for the first time
But i thought for now i  like to make more flowers on my crochet bag,
Happily i still had made some more flowers....
So i put them now all on my bag!
See next picture....

So it is much more fun!
 You find a dutch free flower pattern at  
On my blog you can find more free crochet patterns 
from crochet flowers on 
You can also find english crochet flower patterns there too!
Also i would like to invite you to visit 
 my new common crochet blog
Crochet Together
Anyone can follow this brand new group!
If you wish you can join us and be a member of this group
You can post there all your crochet stuff!
Please send me your email to,
with  the name Crochet Together and i will send you a link to start your own blogpost here!
I love to meet you there!!!
greetings Lindevrouw


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