Thursday, 19 September 2013

African Flower Burn Out

Hello Sweeties! It has been quite some time since I have posted to this lovely blog, forgive me please. My husband passed away on my birthday in January. Needless to say, I have been trying to deal with all this and then some. I won't bog you down with details, you can always read about my ups and downs at my blog here.

In my case I have found that what works for me when dealing with grief is to stay busy, so busy that you don't have time to sit around and cry or feel sorry for yourself. Every day grief puts on a new face. Some days are better than others. Love isn't like a light bulb, you don't stop loving someone just because they are gone, especially when you have known them over 45 years, and married almost 43 years.

My drug of choice to stay busy is crochet and one of my very favorite motifs is the African Flower. I have made a total of 507 motifs so far. I just finished making the 169 flowers for the 3rd blanket, one for my mother.  Let me post for you the previous projects using this flower.

The first blanket was a labor of love, made during the time my husband was receiving his chemo 2 summers ago. All 169 flowers were hand sewn together. It took 2 days just to join them in a large hex pattern. This is my memory blanket and not for sale. Some of you may remember my posting this pic before.

 The second one I did the join-as-you-go method. It was fantastic!!! I loved attaching the flowers by this method. If you compare the first photo with this one you will notice that each motif has its own border color, where as mine in the first photo all motifs are bordered with the sage green color. This blanket was sold, it was hard to part with, I seriously wanted to keep it too, lol.

Now that brings me to the 3rd blanket, for my mother. She saw the first one and wanted to buy it, I said it was not for sale. It is not easy telling your mother NO. So, to compensate for that I decided to surprise her and make her one. I did all the flowers, another 169 motifs and I am soooooo done with this flower making for awhile. I have yet to join them all and could kick myself in the behind for having a lame moment thinking to sew them all together by hand. I must have had a touch of insanity when that crossed my mind. So I have laid it aside for a brief time and hope to get to it in the next 2-3 weeks. The fun part will be the layout, it isn't always easy to do that because as many of you know you have to make sure the colors are not all clumped in one area, so spreading them out can be a challenge at times. Thank you for letting me share these with you.

Hope everyone has a great weekend. God Bless You All.
Susanne :)



  1. Susanne, I am so, so happy to see your post, yes I follow you on your blog but it is so nice to see you here where everyone can appreciate the beauty of your crocheting. You are an inspiration to us all.

  2. Lovely blankets.I think this will be one of my next to make after I finish up my Sunburst granny blanket. Sorry for you lose. Glad I stumbled upon your blog. Now following and adding you to my cool crafty blogs list on my blog.

  3. I love the African Flower pattern! Your blankets are outstanding! I love that we crocheters have creations that remind us of times in our lives...those are true treasures! How lovely this post is!

  4. sorry to hear of your sad loss. He will be around watching your beautiful work take shape I' m sure.
    Stunning blankets made with love and may be a few tears. Crochet can be a life saver at times, those of us that have this love of all things woolly have something more than just a hobby.
    Sending you huge hugs x

  5. So sorry for your loss. Your afgans are beautiful. Hugs to you.

  6. I'm really sorry for Your loss. It's great that You've found something that helps You cope with Your grief. Your blankets are trully lovely. Hugs from Poland.

  7. I am so sorry for your lost.

    You crochet wonderful flowers! Thanks for sharing it with us!

  8. I am moved with your story - creating beautiful things helps a lot.

  9. Sorry for your loss.

    I am making a baby blanket for a friend (as my first real crochet project) with this motif. I'm curious how you joined all of them.

    1. I joined the first one bordered in the sage green by hand sewing them together with a whip stitch. The second one was join-as-you-go by putting the entire last round on the first motif and then when you join the second motif as you are putting on the last round of that flower you attach it to the first flower. You just continue in that method with the remainder of the flower motifs. There are several tutorials for joining these African flowers and you can find them by searching the internet. Just google in "joining African flowers hexagons". Heidi bears has a wonderful tutoral on her blog. You can google her.

  10. I'm so sorry for your loss. Your blankets are beautiful, I love all the different colours in them.
    Sally xxx

  11. I am sorry for your loss. Those words seem so small and trivial compared to the magnitude of your grief, but they are sincere. I am glad that keeping busy is helping. I have many flower granny squares which I made to keep busy while my friend was in hospice dying from cancer. I have yet to put them together. You have reminded me to do so.

    Both versions of the blanket are beautiful. But I think I prefer the one bordered all in one color.


  12. I am sure your husband would love that you are making beautiful things as you go through this tough season of loss. Blessings to you!!

  13. I too am moved by your story. The afghans are simply beautiful. I am new to making African flower hexagons. I think my first throw will be a gift.

  14. Este es mi primer encuentro con tu blog. Es hermoso. Lamento mucho tu pérdida y admiro tu manera de hacerle frente al dolor. Sigue tejiendo que, mientras surgen maravillosas flores de tus manos, el dolor se transforma. Gracias por tus publicaciones. Cariños!


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