Monday, 2 December 2013

Free Crochet Pattern - Ruffled Rose Pin - Red Heart Yarn

I recently crocheted this lovely pin.

It was designed by Andee Graves and is published on the Red Heart Yarn website here:

Ruffled Rose Pin Crochet Pattern

It was the first time I used the new Boutique Sassy Fabric from Red Heart and I must admit I was a little nervous to give it a go but it worked up in less than an hour and I am very pleased with the finished result.

The most difficult part was figuring out how to hold the excess fabric while keeping my tension consistent. Once my fingers figured that out - the flower was very easy to create.

Have you ever tried using Sassy Fabric?

Oombawka Design

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  1. I've never used it only because I don't care for the Sashay Scarfs. Is it soft or scratchy? It looks like nylon and I am more interested now that you posted your project, because I like that rose!. But, buying online, it's hard to dive face first into yarns and burrow in to get a good feel for them like I can in a store. So, honestly, is it soft or plastic/nylon feeling?


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