Monday, 6 January 2014

Flower Purse

Photo of My purse, stitched from Crochet Noro book.


  1. What wonderful colors!!! Beautiful!

  2. I absolutely love the colours.

    They look a bit like mine in this picture:

    Your blog is truly inspiring.
    I am going to have a further look.

  3. This is absolutely magnificent! Makes me want to stop everything I'm working on (e.v.e.r.y.t.h.i.n.g.) and start this! But, clearly, the yarn and colors are a vital part of its magnificence and I'm missing that ingredient! Well done!!!!!

    1. I think it would look lovely in some other yarns too, you should try it and post for all to see :)

    2. Makes me want to stop my 2 scarve and 3 shawl WIPS (I keep running out of yarn for a project, and start another with the yarn I have on hand, which runs out as well..and repeat. I do eeny meeny miney moe to pick which project I buy more yarn for on payday)! I just want to get me some, no enough of this yarn to completely hook this purse! I agree that the colors mixed with the specific pattern identify this purse! You made a signature piece! Feeling yarn flowery granny love here!

  4. Really lovely.

  5. Beautiful flowers,beautiful colors !

  6. Thank you all for the wonderful comments!!

  7. My favorite color ways! Everytime I see a stunning project (like yours) in these colorways (using what appears to be the same yarn) I see the word "Noro". I've thought it to be a style of crochet. Now I'm wondering if its the name of the yarn?! If so, I finally have the name of the yarn used in these beautiful projects (like yours) that I have been searching for! I love your purse!


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