Wednesday, 5 March 2014

No Flowery stuff lately, but some old stuff just for fun.

Hi All

I just wanted to drop by and drop you all a line.
How are you all doing??
I haven't been doing anything flowery lately so I haven't been posting here.
However, my own blog was four years old the other day and I've done a look back over the past four years post over there.

And seeing the old photos of all the blankets I've made (11 all together would you believe) and the three Japanese flower ones, I thought I'd share them again here too, if you don't mind.

This Rainbow one I made for my Granddaughter Libby.
It was the third one I made.

This one I made for myself and it hangs over the bottom of our bed.
In the photo it wasn't quite finished, I still had one row to join and I also put an edging on this one.
But it's the only photo I could find that gives an idea of the whole blanket.

And this was the first one I made which lives on our sofa bed.

Hopefully I will be making some new flowery stuff in the near future to share with you all.

Happy hooking all and thanks for all your lovely posts and inspiration!!!!

Chris Xx


  1. These are just lovely and so delicate looking.

  2. WOW, Chris they are absolutely beautiful!!!
    Have a great week!

  3. What a gorgeous color combinations!

  4. piękne :-), pomysłowe :-)

  5. Sooooo lovely
    Greetings, Renate

  6. They are all so lovely!!
    I especially like the rainbow blanket!!
    OK - I have a question here - is it me or what!!
    When I scrolled down - your rainbow blanket looked like it was getting larger!!
    What is it called when there is a visual trick to the eyes???
    Anyway- try it-- scroll up and down on your rainbow blanket!! It appears to move and to grow!!
    Water-- I'm drinking only water :-}}

  7. I love these flower blankets of yours. The top photo is the one that caught my eye when I found your blog for the first time. I would love to make a flower blanket one day.

    Thanks for the inspiration.


    1. Hi Birgitta...this is a group blog, but i am sure Chris will thank you for your comment.
      Sue x

  8. Wow! These are stunning blankets! I am new to this site but would love to join the group! Also, is there a link to your flower pattern?

    1. Hi Kate. i've added your e mail addy so you should get an invite to join....its a group blog so every post is by different members so you will need to contact the individuals for specific patterns or info
      Hope that helps Sue

  9. Sorry that I haven't been around, but WOW thanks for all the wonderful comments.
    Kate if you would like the pattern I will gladly send it to you just let me know.

    Thanks all Xx

    1. I've been looking for a blanket to make and I just keep coming back to this one! I just love it- do you think you could share the pattern with me? Would be wonderful! Thank you!!

  10. I love the color combinations you chose! I would also love the pattern for this beautiful throw :)

  11. Wonderful blankets - what is the flower pattern? Do you sell it on Ravelry or Etsy? Thanks, Erika

  12. How do I join this blog so that I can request the pattern for this beautiful blanket?

    1. Hi you will have to ask the person who made it if she will share the pattern with you x

  13. Hi flower bed, your blankets have inspired me to learn to crochet. Could I pretty please have your pattern, I tried the German one but I can't get it quite right, :) I'm a beginner but trying hard

  14. Oh how utterly lovely, full of colour yet delicate too! Love your work, thanks for sharing!
    Jay x

  15. Can I please have a copy of the pattern. I love it thanks.

  16. Could I please have the pattern for this blanket?


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